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EMS Billing & Ambulance Billing Solutions

As financial pressures and funding cuts continue to become more severe, it is increasingly important for EMS providers and suppliers to optimize efficiencies within their life safety systems. That is why every year, more and more EMS/Fire Agencies are choosing The AccuMed Group to assist with their business.

The AccuMed Group is the EMS billing specialist whose unique combination of billing services, electronic data capture and consulting gives EMS providers and suppliers a new, more sustainable level of cost efficiencies, tools to optimize revenue all while achieving full compliance with all regulatory entities.

Our Director of Client Services and Corporate Compliance Officer, Teri Johnson, has successfully completed the integral National Academy of Accredited Coders, Certified Ambulance Compliance Officer Certification Program!! Click here for the full article.

EMS Today, Tomorrow and the Future:

Successful EMS Systems will be:

*Data Driven 
*Focused on Patient Care
*Compliant with all regulatory entities
*Optimizing Compliant Revenue
*Running Lean and Reducing Administrative Overhead
*Integration Rich
*Informed and Prepared to Meet Industry Demands
*Able to Satisfy ALL Stakeholders
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Your Future is our Business!!